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Born in the countryside of Suffolk, England, my earliest childhood memories come from the farm I grew up on. I remember my older sister reading to me as a child and teaching me the things I did not know.  From this I discovered my love for reading, writing, and educating.

After my first eighteen years in the countryside I moved to London, where I completed a certificate in fashion writing from The London College of Fashion, a certificate in drawing from Saint Martin’s School of Art, and worked as an editorial assistant for a fashion magazine.

I was always fascinated by behavior, and next decided to pursue a degree in psychology. I attended Cardiff University in Wales, and found a particular interest in developmental psychology. This was followed with postgraduate study in education. 

The schools I taught in were located in economically deprived areas which was both challenging and personally enriching. I always found the best way to engage my early elementary students in a particular topic was to subtly integrate knowledge into something fun. I would hunt for a fictional story that had something I could enlarge on and provide a better connection.

When I had my own children I took a break from the classroom. I believe having a good early education and start in life is important for all children. During this break my husband was offered a job in the USA and we moved as a family when our daughter was 3 and our son 7 months old. 

Once both my children were in school I worked as an environmental instructor teaching outdoor lessons about nature from animals habitats to geology. I am sure my farm and country roots helped make me feel at home in the woods, fields, ponds and streams of Pennsylvania and Delaware. Alongside that, I worked as a substitute teacher mainly for kindergarten through fifth grade.

Today, I am retired from teaching in the classroom. I am writing full-time, from my home in Chester County, Pennsylvania.



My sister and I in the farmyard - Suffolk, UK.
My husband, daughter, son and I - Chester County, PA
My husband and I celebrating our 30th wedding Anniversary - Baltimore, MD.