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Fall Writing Frenzy

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

This is the beginning of a middle-grade manuscript inspired by the Fall Writing Frenzy picture below.


The Sound of Silence

Yelling. Screaming. Laughing. The noises of the playground. Noises that Abby wished she could be a part of if only she knew how. She stood off to the side where the school yard ended. If the teachers saw her they’d tell her to go play with the other children. Teachers were always telling her that. As if somehow by playing with the others their “normalness” would rub off on her.

Over the old red brick wall was the town cemetery with its trees – oak, beech, maple, dogwood and some others Abby didn’t know the names of. Their changing leaves rustled and sighed. Abby looked into the thinning branches and then down at the pile of freshly fallen leaves gathered at her feet. She studied them, trying to memorize the kaleidoscope of colors. Abby knew that most people would describe the leaves as simply green, red, or gold, but she saw the tones and shades in each one. All different. All beautiful in their own individual way. She itched to mix her paints and recreate the scene.

Image 5, courtesy of Unsplash

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